New frontiers for your shopping

Have you ever gave up shopping during your trips?

Small baggage, weight restrictions, souvenirs too big to be carried…these are only few of the reasons that make us to give up shopping during our trip, loosing the opportunity to take home memories/gift/goods from our vacation that we could not find anywhere else.


Trolley Travel: the service for you!


With Trolley Travel, you can buy what you like and have it delivered directly to your home, or wherever you want, in just a few clicks!

Buy in store as if you were doing it online, take the products to the checkout and the shopkeeper will take care of shipping them: you will receive them when you return. 


How it works?

Scan the QR code

In Trolley Travel affiliated stores you will find a QR code whose scanning allows you to access the digital store of the store you are in.

Find what you want to buy

Once you've found what you want to buy, simply scan the barcode and add it to your cart.

Purchase Confirmation

Once you've found what you're looking for, take it to the checkout and make the purchase directly from your SmartPhone.

Order verification

The shopkeeper will check that the products brought to the checkout are those actually purchased.

Goods packaging

The shopkeeper carefully packs your purchases and prints the waybill, which will automatically arrive in their account and email address.


The courier picks up the package and the shopkeeper will receive the payment you made, within a few days your purchases will be delivered wherever you want.


Never give up on a purchase again: use Trolley Travel for your travel shopping!

Become a Trolley Travel Shopper

Create your Trolley Travel account and access the catalog of the store where you want to buy.

Do you have a store?


Don't miss out on more sales!

Become a Trolley Travel store and allow your customers to shop in-store and receive products at home when they return from their trip, or send a gift to anyone wherever they want.
All you have to do is pack the goods: we'll take care of the rest!
Trolley Travel also allows your customers to make purchases even outside store opening hours or to reorder your products, even if they are back home.

Don't waste time: become a Trolley Travel store and increase your sales!


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